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About Get Active Howard County


Get Active Howard County (GAHC) is a 10 week county-wide initiative with community activities, walks, nutrition & health education, opportunities for screenings and more. Thousands of individuals, community organizations and workplaces throughout Howard County participate each year.  It's fun. It's free and just as important, it's a call to action for everyone of us to Get Active!



Get Active Howard County is a FREE yearly 10 week county-wide physical fitness and wellness initiative designed to raise the culture of wellness for every individual in Howard County.  The primary goal is to increase awareness of healthy lifestyle habits and to motivate people to participate in 30 minutes or more of moderate physical activity for at least five days per week. Individuals are encouraged to form or join a business, school or community team. Teams can be any size. Once a participant is signed up on a team, they will have the ability to participate in the many free events that are being offered across the county by our partners, activity sponsors and wellness professionals.  Sign up now and check out the calendar! Teams have the option of just participating in GAHC for the 10 week initiative or continuing to use the tools, communications and calendar all year round. Participants are encouraged to track their activity minutes, learn from weekly wellness communications and participate in the many wellness related opportunities happening throughout Howard County. 

We are available to talk to you, or your group or organization, to show you how easy it is to get started.  This is a great way to intensify a current wellness program, or help you get a wellness program started.  Many groups have expressed that their biggest obstacles to starting a wellness program are time and money.  Get Active Howard County is FREE and we can provide all of the simple tools, communications and even activities!  Time and money should never be an issue!

We Promote Health, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, coordinates Get Active Howard County (GAHC) in partnership with the The HC Public School System, HC Health Department, Healthy Howard, Inc., HC Chamber of Commerce, HC Fire & Rescue, HC Recreation and Parks, HC General Hospital, HC Citizen Services, HC Library System, The Villages of Columbia, University of MD Extension Services, HC PTA, Columbia Association, Y of Central MD, Howard Community College, Maryland University of Integrative Health, American Cancer Society and the Horizon Foundation.


Individuals are encouraged to form or join a business, school or community team. Teams can be as small as a family, and as diversified as a school class or faculty, a business or sales team, a soccer team or social club. 

Once signed up, each participant will have their own unique password, a physical activity tracker and access to a community-wide calendar.  Each team has a team captain who will have special tools to communicate with team members.  Team captains receive weekly communications to help them keep their teams motivated and engaged.  Community partners and activity sponsors offer a wide variety of wellness related opportunities; most of which are free.  Individuals can participate as little or as much as desired.  Organizations are encouraged to utilize the calendar, communications library and other tools year round.  GAHC is about helping individuals build regular physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits into their lifelong daily routine. 


The original concept was developed from a program utilized by the American Cancer Society called "Active For Life". ACS provides participating workplaces with guidelines for establishing an employer workplace wellness team and offering a library of communications to support their efforts.  In 2003 the Columbia Association, working with ACS and a growing number of community and government partners, expanded on the program and applied it to the broader community. The name of the program became "Get Active Howard County" (GAHC). While the original concept included the ability for everyone to track their activity minutes, CA and its partner organizations added a calendar of wellness activities and made them available to all participants throughout a 10 week period beginning in March of each year. GAHC is unique in that it is powered by a partnership of community organizations made up of Howard County's major institutions that are focused on wellness.  In 2010, We Promote Health (WPH) took on the role of coordinating partner.  The program continues to grow the list of partner organizations and also includes an opportunity for approved wellness organizations and professionals throughout Howard County to support the calendar. GAHC continues to build it's value and it's reach with it's mission of getting it's message to every individual, organization and leader in Howard County and challenging them to raise the culture of wellness throughout our community.
Get Active Howard County, in support of Howard County's wellness initiatives, strives to encourage schools, workplaces and all Howard County residents to live healthier lifestyles through increased physical activity and healthy living.   

To make a visible, measurable difference in lifestyle standards in schools, workplaces and throughout the Howard County community.